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October 21, 2018

So tomorrow is the Municipal Election.


It seems like a short time ago on May 1, 2018 that I was the first person to submit my nomination papers to represent the residents of Ward 3 as their local councillor. A lot has happened in that time and I have met thousands of new people along the way. From creating a platform to help the residents of Ward 3, attending dozens of community events, putting up signs, fixing signs after weather and vandalism, door knocking every weekend since the beginning throughout the ward.


I have met some truly great people in the ward and truly appreciate the time that each person took from their busy lives to speak to me and my volunteers at their doors about the things that matter most to them. There were some common complaints and some very specific requests for change. I have had so much support through this election from friends, family and total strangers and it has confirmed to me that I have made the right choice to represent the great people in Ward 3 as their councillor.

Thank you to everyone and a huge thank you to the volunteers and the others that have supported me along the way.

I have one last request to everyone in the ward. Please get out and vote and ensure that your voice is heard.

Together We Will Shape Clarington’s Future!

Bradley Phillips for Ward 3 Clarington.



October 20, 2018

A few people have asked me today whether I support the emergency services in Clarington. I can only assume that those questions stem from the article I had in the Clarington This Week news paper yesterday. So I would like to address this question publicly.

I will start by saying that I do 100% support our emergency services. I respect what they do and the services that they provide. It takes a special type of person to do what they do on a daily basis.

I have family members, friends and clients who are fire fighters. I have very close friends and countless clients of my office who are police officers. One of my best friends is a paramedic and I have the utmost respect for emergency services who I owe a huge amount of gratitude to. My father had a heart attack several years ago and if it was not for the paramedics who arrived at my parents house, I may have never seen him again. He has recovered and he has been able to meet both his first grandson and now his granddaughter because of emergency services personnel.

If any of Clarington's emergency services require additional resources to ensure the safety of the residents of Clarington then I will do what it takes to make sure that the emergency services are funded at a level to ensure the residents of Clarington are safe. What I will not do is make promises that Ward 3 is going to get an new, unnecessary fire station.

The article was intended to point out that the current councillors promises are irresponsible from a cost perspective and unnecessary from the viewpoint of the Official Fire Plan for Clarington.



October 19, 2018

So today I had an article in the local paper Clarington This Week and I encourage everyone to get a copy and read it.

In the article I noted among many other things my community involvement, my dedication to the residents of Ward 3 and how I will simply get to work if I am elected and ensure that we can be proud of the community in which we live.

Throughout this campaign I have pointed out my commitment to bringing businesses to Clarington and securing more local jobs for our residents. This will include making changes to the way Clarington works with organizations like the Clarington Board of Trade & Office of Economic Development and improving community partnerships to make the Municipality of Clarington truly open for business. Getting rid of “red tape” and allowing some flexibility for working with businesses who want to either move here or expand their business locally.

What I have not touched on to date is how I got to where I am today as a partner at a law firm which has represented the residents of Bowmanville and surrounding area since 1925.

I attended the University of Windsor where I initially started school in Engineering because I had a knack for anything math. I excelled in the business writing classes, fluid dynamics and the practical sciences but struggled with calculus so I made the difficult decision to switch majors and pursue a law degree. During my undergrad I worked almost full time jobs either nights at a quality control facility or as a Child and Youth Worker at a youth detention facility and community respite facility for families with children and teenagers with special needs such as Down Syndrome, Autism, severe OCD, Tourette’s, etc.

During law school in Leicester, England one of the top ranked law schools in the UK, I was voted as the president of the Canadian Law Society representing the more than 100 Canadian students at the school. I represented my school and finished second in a national client interviewing competition, just missing the chance to represent the UK in Las Vegas at the international competition. I had the opportunity while there to play tennis at Wimbledon (outer court), see an international friendly between England and Croatia at O2 arena in London and travel extensively through Europe on weekends.

Between first and second years at law school I worked at a community based legal clinic where I represented low income families with ODSP benefits, Social Benefits Tribunal appeals, Residential Tenancies ACT tenant disputes and even represented over 100 residents of a low income housing development when their landlord wanted to raise their rent above the legislated guidelines for rental increases. I wrote how to guides for tenants when they had to represent themselves at the Landlord Tenant Board and acted as tenant duty council at the local board when tenants could not afford their own representation.

After law school I articled at a multi-service law firm of approximately 30 lawyers in London Ontario (Cohen Highley LLP) where I had a rotation of many areas of the law but found most of my work involved motor vehicle accident victims who had been seriously injured and who’s insurers were either not willing to pay for their medical rehab benefits or on the tort side of their claims against the at fault drivers and their insurance providers.

I have consistently worked with at need individuals whether they are financially unable to help themselves or people who have been injured and do not know how to pursue their own legal rights.

Since becoming a lawyer I have volunteered at various organizations including being a Board member of the Durham Region Law Association, Bowmanville Rotary Club, Clarington Board of Trade and now entering my 6th year as a Board member of the Grandview Children’s Centre (3rd years as Chair).

The suggestion that any Ward 3 council candidate has more experience or more compassion for people than myself just goes to show that they have not done their homework and do not understand the commitment that I have to people and my community.

My current law practice consists of 2 lawyers and 10 clerks/support staff and if I need to step away from the office to represent the residents then I have the freedom to do that. The fact that my office is in downtown Bowmanville means that I am always accessible to the residents of Ward 3 and that I will be able to attend every council meeting in order to advocate for the residents of Ward 3 at all times.

I am a husband and am a father to a son and a daughter. My family and extended family has been by my side throughout this campaign and supports me 100%. Being a councillor is truly a family commitment and the work involved and that we have done throughout this campaign has been nothing short of incredible.

I have put my name forward to be the next Ward 3 Councillor because I truly believe that I am the best person for the job, I can and will spend the time required to do the work and to fight for Ward 3. I am asking the residents of Ward 3 to elect me to be their Ward 3 Councillor and to be their champion at Clarington Council to advocate for their needs and to truly put Clarington first.

Please vote for Bradley Phillips for Ward 3 Councillor and Together We Will Shape Clarington’s Future.


October 18, 2018


October 15, 2018

I am seeing a post on Corinna Traill's facebook page tonight vaguely stating that one of the Ward 3 Candidate's running in this years election is pushing to demolish the Camp 30 site in favour of condo's. I challenge her to tell which candidate she believes is favouring that and warn her about her code of ethics as the sitting Councillor.

I was part of the largest tour through the Camp 30 site this summer and I have spoken to the ACO members who are volunteering their time to show the historical significance of the site. I am also currently working with them towards finding solutions for a portable speaker system to be able to communicate with the upwards of 70 people who attend the tours on a weekly basis by working with them to find funding through the Bowmanville Rotary Club.

I can say that I have spoken to both Robert Grovum and Sarah MacDonald about the Camp 30 site and we all support the preservation of the Camp 30 site.

Ms. Traill's sad attempt to fear monger people to vote for her is a very sad attempt by a desperate politician to try to keep her job.

I've said it before and I will say it again, politics is in a sad state when people have to fear monger and lie in order to get elected rather than show that they can actually do the work.


October 14, 2018

Voting is open. The way I see it, the more people that go out and vote the better representation of the public we will have. Regardless of who you are voting for, please make sure your vote is heard and get out and vote.

Whether it is on October 22, 2018 or in the advanced polls, make sure you vote.


October 13, 2018

Great turnout at the Bowmanville Apple Festival and Craft Sale. The Bluegrass band in the front of Strike & Phillips law offices kept the crowd foot stomping till the end. And the colouring contest was a real hit with all the little ones.

Apple FestApple Fest
















October 12, 2018


Tomorrow (October 13, 2018) is AppleFest in Bowmanville. The weather is supposed to be cool but mostly sunny so it should be a great day to get out and enjoy some local apple products and some unique crafts from local vendors.


As well there will be a brand new tent for Strike & Phillips LLP who this year has formed a partnership with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Clarington for a colouring contest to raise awareness of BBBS - Bowl for Kids Sake Fundraiser.





October 6, 2018

Politics is a sad game sometimes. I have yet again been a victim in this campaign. There is an impersonator on @instagram that has created “bradphillipsward3”. THIS IS NOT ME, IT IS NOT HOW I TALK AND I DO NOT SUPPORT ITS VIEWS!! Please unfollow if you have seen it.

My official campaign platforms are as follows:

Website -
Facebook - @bradphillipsward3
Twitter - @BradPhillips55


October 5, 2018

So tonight the current councillor Corinna Traill posted about a number of things including trying to defend her poor attendance record and touting the support from the Firefighters Union and made some broad comments about the things she claims to have made happen in @Clarington. In response I posted the below comment to her page which was deleted within 30 minutes of posting. I have now been blocked from making further comments.

I encourage everyone to read the post and my response below to see the half truths that the current councillor is making in order to get re-elected. Do not take anything she writes on her page or in her print material for granted. Do your research and make an informed choice on October 22, 2018.

“Corinna, myself and the other candidates who have been commenting about your poor attendance were not commenting about the time you took to spend with Matt. When I heard about Matt’s accident in 2015 and when I spoke to him in the months that followed, I was one of the ones wishing him the best and a speedy recovery. Personal tragedy is nothing that I would use against someone especially given that I have a loving wife and two beautiful comes first! Your attendance in recent years is the problem (2016-2017) that I have been referring to.

You have been telling people that you support a new fire hall in Ward 3 claiming that it will reduce their property insurance but leaving out the part about the $6,000,000.00 cost to build the station and the 20 fire fighters it would take to run a station at full capacity at approx. $120,000.00 per fire fighter. Your new station would single handedly cause the property taxes to be raised across Clarington by nearly 5% totally negating and eclipsing the savings on property insurance that you are touting. (Approx. figures provided by the CAO and Fire Chief in Clarington). I have read the Clarington Master Fire Plan and neither it nor the current Fire Chief recommend a new station in the next 10 years.

You are telling half truths to make yourself look good here and in your print materials. You had nothing to do with Toyota coming to Ward 3. I sit as a director of the Clarington Board of Trade whose staff along with staff at the Municipality put together the business case for Toyota and raised Clarington from 3rd on their list of preferred choices to 1st, ultimately choosing the employment lands in Ward 3 as their future home. This is a victory for CBOT and the Municipality, not you personally.

I encourage people following you and your page to do their research and fact check your comments before they go vote on October 22, 2018.”


October 1, 2018

Clarington This Week gave all council candidates the opportunity to provide a brief bio and asked 2 questions about why they are running and comment on the top 2 issues that they felt were pressing in their respective ward. Here is mine. Please take a read! Clarington This Week Article.


September 28, 2018

Great way to kick off a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon announcing the launch of the Believe Campaign for Grandview’s capital contribution towards the New Grandview Children's Centre.


$14.5 million dollars raised with $5.5 million to go. Way to go team!!! Can’t wait to be there to break ground next year!










Very proud of my friends Pauline and Doug who are residents of Wilmot Creek who together with other “Creekers” banded together to support those that were affected by the Ottawa area tornado.

Wilmot Creek is a very unique community in Ward 3 with people who obviously care about others. This municipal election will be important because the people of Wilmot Creek are going to need an advocate and someone who cares about them in order to ensure that their lifestyle is not negatively affected by CAPREIT and the other land owners who own the land just north of their community. There is a plan to develop that parcel which has the potential to significantly increase the use of their already overused recreational amenities in their community.

I promise to advocate and fight to ensure that your lifestyle is maintained in the way you intended it to be when you all first moved to Wilmot Creek. I will ensure that any development that actually occurs will improve infrastructure and safety in accessing your community for you and the future residents of Wilmot Creek 1.0.


September 26, 2018

So tonight I was the victim of a practical joke that turned out to be a real positive for me and my campaign.

Throughout this campaign I have received support from many different people and in various different ways whether it be in person, phone calls, social media or emails. Residents have shown me that there are people who want real change in Ward 3 and who believe that I am the best candidate to represent them over the next council term.

That said, I received several emails on Monday from people who provided their names, emails, addresses and made statements that Ward 3 is in need of a change at the local councillor level and that they would be happy to place a lawn sign on their lawns to support my bid to be the next Ward 3 Councillor in Municipality of Clarington. All of these people lived on Hobbs Drive in the neighbourhood that the current councillor grew up in and even though she no longer lives in the Ward she still has a fair amount of support in that area. So tonight I jumped at the opportunity to go and meet with some people on Hobbs Drive and get some lawn signs up. The first house I knocked on was an older gentleman who told me that he didn’t use email and that it wasn’t him who had sent the email, so I introduced myself and was able to convince him to come out and vote and support my campaign. The next 3 houses were similar stories all of which who had not sent any emails but were happy to have met me and were happy to either support me or would look at the platforms and come out and vote (which is the most important part).

I knocked several doors In between the houses that supposedly had emailed me and I met fire fighters, car salesmen, business people, young parents, etc. and was able to have real conversations with them about this coming election and show them how important it is to vote for a candidate that they truly believe has Ward 3’s interests at heart.

This venture into seemingly a strong hold for my competition reinforced my belief that people are looking for change and will vote for change come October 22, 2018.

Vote Brad Phillips for Ward 3 Council in Clarington and let me show you what I can do for you because Together We Will Shape Clarington’s Future! #BradforWard3 #Change

If you want a lawn sign, please email me and I will come visit you too!


September 25, 2018

I love seeing local businesses like Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue partnering with organizations and in this case the Clarington Museums and the Municipality of Clarington for great opportunities for kids. What a great free event and exhibit for kids to really learn about our environment and the animals we share it with.


I for one have a favorite animal ambassador (Bobcat) at Soper Creek and can’t wait to see the exhibit and hopefully get an opportunity to say hi to an old friend (no longer the baby that visited me in my office).


What is your favourite animal ambassador at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue? Email me at




September 16, 2018

Today I had a full day of fun while working towards the goal of representing the residents of Ward 3 in Clarington. I started by volunteering with other fellow Bowmanville Rotarians handing out water to the many participants at the #TerryFoxRunClarington (they all earned it today because it was a scorcher out there in the middle of September).

Then my day took me back to the final few houses and cottages on West Beach Road where I met some new friends including Mr. Cole who was the former tenant of my office at Strike & Phillips in downtown Bowmanville. Mr. Cole and his father were barbers and both used my office as their barber shop for more than half a century. He told me some of the many stories that my office walls could tell if they could talk. What great history I learned today. He also told me about the history about West Beach and the Harbour Company who owned his cottage and several of the other cottages in West Beach before the land was expropriated many council’s ago. #history#Clarington #cottagelife #intown

Thank you to all the people I met today for the history lesson today and for your support in helping me to represent you all and the other residents of Ward 3.

I can’t wait to find out what I learn tomorrow and every day after that.

Your Ward 3 Candidate
Bradley Phillips


September 5, 2018

Rogers TV DebutRogers TV DebutThank you @ROGERStvDurham. Just filmed my spot for their Municipal election coverage. Stay tuned for an update on the air date. 

UPDATE - September 27, 2018

For those that missed the Rogers Durham televised candidates spot this week it is available on YouTube now at the below link. Ward 3 councillors start at 32:00 minutes.

Unfortunately, only 3 of the 4 Municipality of Clarington candidates in Ward 3 took the time to go and have the shoot done at the Rogers TV Durham studio in Oshawa.

Being comfortable speaking in public and sometimes in front of a camera is certainly a trait that is important to be a voice for the thousands of people in Ward 3 and Clarington as a whole. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak in front of the camera and hope that my message for change and to encourage you to come out and vote on October 22, 2018 resonates with the residents of Ward 3.

You will note that the other two Ward 3 candidates that did the spot referenced that they both grew up in Bowmanville. They seem to attribute growing up here will make them a better councillor. Although it would have been great, it does not necessarily make you a better councillor because of how much Bowmanville has changed in the passed 10+ years. I joined one of the oldest (started in 1925) businesses in Bowmanville 7 years ago (now Strike & Phillips LLP) and joined the local Rotary Club 3+ years ago so I know the history of Bowmanville and understand the importance of its heritage. More importantly, I have a vision of how to maintain the important heritage of what Clarington is and could be with the right guidance on Council.

You may also notice a few discrepancies with what the current councillor said compared to what I have said in the spot. I encourage you to look into the differences and form your own opinions of who will be transparent and represent you honestly.

I believe that I am the best representative to represent the residents of Ward 3 and I truly believe that Together We Will Shape Clarington’s Future!

Rogers TV - The Local Campaign: Clarington - Ward 3 starts at 32:00 minutes


September 2, 2018

What a great turnout at the tour of the Camp 30 site with the ACO - Clarington on Saturday. It was the largest group they have ever had in their tour. I would like to thank the incredibly knowledgeable tour guides from the ACO in sharing the great local history that the site holds.


During the tour I also heard from participants that they were happy to support my campaign to represent the residents of Ward 3. Thank you for your encouraging words.

UPDATE - October 16, 2018 - I am happy to say that I have connected with a couple members of the ACO volunteer team here in Clarington and am working with them to figure out how to project their messages to the 70+ people who attend their tours through some sort of a portable speaker system.  Any idea's please reach out to me at


September 1, 2018

Strike & Phillips LLP continuing to show that we support local causes and events like Concerts in the Park on August 30, 2018 in support of the BOAA and the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation. Was happy to also pull the 50/50 ticket which gave the lucky winner more than $650.






My team out putting up signs since August 29th. Best team around who have tirelessly blanketed #Ward3 @Clarington to show that Together We Can Shape Clarington’s Future.

If you want a lawn sign to support my campaign to represent you in Ward 3, please email

















August 27, 2018

Great day knocking on doors and followed that up by meeting with Colin Abernethy of Kiratree Resources who has provided me with all of the sign posts for my campaign. We now have the signs and the posts to put up on Wednesday to show Clarington that there is a better option than the current councillor in Ward 3.

On October 22, vote Brad Phillips for your next Ward 3 Councillor and Together We Will Shape Clarington’s Future!

Campaign StakesCampaign Stakes




















August 19, 2018

Ward 3 is found between Liberty Street and Darlington-Clarke Townline (42) from Lake Ontario up to the northern limit of the Municipality, but it also includes the communities of Wilmot Creek and all the cottages in West Beach east of St. Mary's Cement.

With 63 days left until the October 22 municipal election and 9 days before all the local Clarington candidates can post their signage, I am reaching out to all of you to ask for your help.

Municipal elections are won and lost by name recognition and although my platform to represent the residents of Clarington and Ward 3 covers a variety of issues in which I know that I can improve in Clarington, I need to get my name out there to the general public who may not take the time to read the platforms before they vote. To do that I am asking people to volunteer to have me put a lawn sign in their yard, or along their fence or across their balcony. I have 2 sizes, 18" x 36" and 36" x 48". If you are interested or if you and ALL of your neighbours are interested in a lawn sign (ok maybe one or two neighbours) then please message me, comment below or flag me down in the street and give me your address and I'll be sure to have a sign delivered within 24 hours.

Please share this with anyone who you think might be interested in helping me out.

Thank you and Together We will Shape Clarington's Future.

Campaign Sign UnveilingCampaign Sign Unveiling


August 16, 2018

13 days until election signs go up in #Clarington for another campaign season for the Municipal Elections. This year is going to be especially important for people to make the right choices for their elected officials.

Vote Brad Phillips for Ward 3 and Together We Will Shape Clarington’s Future!


July 31, 2018

This is why I love living and working in Clarington. Clarington ranked 20th for best places to live for families.  Help me help Clarington crack the top 10.

Vote Brad Phillips for Ward 3 on October 22, 2018.…/canadas-best-places-for-famili…/


July 27, 2018

Last night, I attended the Public meeting organized by the Municipality of Clarington at Wilmot Creek concerning the proposed work that is being undertaken by the Municipality and various consultants to develop a Secondary Plan for a parcel of land just north of Wilmot Creek.

I attended as a future neighbour (Lakebreeze) and to collect information about what residents have to say and what their concerns are. I heard from a lot of people about safety concerns with respect to bridges and road access so I spoke to the crowd and consultants as a concerned future resident. I did mention that I am running for council because I want to be the voice of those people.

After I spoke and a number of other people spoke about their concerns the current local Councillor took a shot at me for campaigning at the event and went on to promise the world to the residents, from new baseball diamonds to rec center's. #falsepromises

This is what I promise:
1) I am NOT going to make false promises. 
2) I am going to research the issues, 
3) I am going to advocate for the residents of Ward 3, and 
4) I am going to do what I say.


July 1, 2018

This was my introduction to my campaign that was posted in Clarington This Week's Canada Day publication. I love this community and will work for this community if elected on October 22, 2018.

Campaign Kick OffCampaign Kick Off