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I want to represent Ward 3 in the Municipality of Clarington.  If I am elected I will ensure that over the next 4 years, the voices of the residents of Clarington help shape Clarington:




  • Accessible to Ward 3 Residents:  A Municipal Councillor should be accessible and ready to engage with the people they are elected to represent in ways that are convenient to you.  Since I work and live in Bowmanville, I will make myself available to you in Bowmanville in person, by phone, email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Attendance:  I will attend to my responsibilities as a Councillor. I will attend Council Meetings, Committee Meetings, Grand Openings, Public Events, etc.  I will be active in the community and know our community in order to be responsible to advocate on the behalf of you and Ward 3.




  • Simply allowing growth for the sake of growth will not help Clarington.  Clarington needs a clear plan with a vision toward the future of what Clarington could be moving forward.  It is important not to get in the way of growth but we must guide it to respect and honour the history that this community has and how it has gotten here. 
  • Clarington is in a position to become a major player in the development of Durham Region and if it is not managed correctly and guided in a specific direction, we could not only lose the development potential we have but also lose who we are as a community.  
  • Fiscal Responsibility is a phrase that gets thrown around by every political candidate but what does it mean?  It means having a plan.  It means planning for the future and not getting into situations where you have to throw money at something because you didn’t anticipate the outcome fully.  I am fiscally responsible because I believe in effective planning and my career as a lawyer requires me to anticipate every outcome in order to advise my clients.  As a councillor I will listen to the residents and implement a well thought out plan for future growth for Clarington.
  • The housing developments in Clarington are out of control. The co-operation between the Municipality, Council and local builders needs to improve.  I am one of hundreds of people who have waited upwards of 3 years for a new home with no meaningful legislative support. By improving By-Laws and policy’s relating to building in Clarington, we can ensure that families are able to have stable and realistic timelines for getting their new homes and better able to plan for their future.
  • Wilmot Creek is a unique community where residents move to have a specific lifestyle.  That lifestyle is being threatened by the current owners of a parcel of land just north of the existing community.  A secondary plan for this proposed development must take into consideration the voices of the existing residents of Wilmot Creek and ensure that their lifestyle is only effected in a positive way.  At this point, this can only be achieved in one of two ways, either 1) maintaining their exclusive community while improving the safety of the community through improving the existing infrastructure including the entrance and exit points to the current Wilmot Creek community (create a new exit at Cobbledick Rd.), or 2) by integrating the new community and building a new recreation center, pool, baseball diamond, golf course, medical center etc. I vow that if I am elected to represent Ward 3 that I will listen to the residents, attend all public meetings, consultant information sessions and be part of the decision making process that ensures that the lifestyles of the residents of Wilmot Creek are not threatened by this development but improved instead.




  • GO Train – The GO Train expansion project to Bowmanville has been promised for the better part of 40 years and we are closer than ever thanks to our Provincial Political partners however promises have been broken before.  I will do everything in my power to ensure that the planned GO Train extension to Bowmanville is not subject to any more delays.
  • 407 ETR – Why are we in the East part of the GTA paying for the North-South 407 connections when the West pays nothing.  I will advocate on behalf of Clarington and Durham to eliminate the tolls on the North-South 407 links in Clarington.
  • Cycling and Walking Trails – Cycling and walking are great ways to get out and enjoy our beautiful community.  Being able to get to places outside of using vehicles or public transport are important.  Improving, building and maintaining the trials in Clarington are imperative to a thriving community.  Shortly after the new Provincial Government took power, they cut $300,000 which was budgeted for Clarington to improve and extend some of our community trails.  Cutting funding for such an important element of our community is unacceptable.  I intend to advocate for the re-instatement of those funds and continue to grow our community’s outdoor spaces.




  • Bowmanville Hospital Expansion – The Province announced funding for the Bowmanville Hospital Expansion in 2018.  This is a project that will have one of the biggest impacts to the residents of Clarington and surrounding areas and it is located right here in Ward 3.  Having a strong voice to ensure that this project moves forward on schedule is imperative to the residents of this community and I will be that strong voice.
  • Bowmanville Dog Park – Clarington has a large population of dog lovers including myself.  A few years ago this love of dogs was recognized and Clarington invested in a dog park located in Ward 3 in Bowmanville.  It was constructed under a hydro field which has a number of risks to both dogs and residents and no consideration was given to installing any lighting to allow for continuous use in the evening hours outside of daylight savings time.  I intend to investigate the safety of the park as it stands today, whether there are options to expand or relocate the park to allow for increased use for residents and our fury friends and make it so that it can be used by those residents who commute and cannot get there before dark after Daylight Savings Time ends (lighting).
  • Playgrounds - Clarington is a community with a growing population of young families including an increasing number of home daycare's.  During the school year, the majority of people using the playgrounds are the children who are under the age of 5 but the parks in Clarington for the most part are rated for children over 5.  As a father of young children in Clarington, I find it difficult sometimes to find a park that is age and ability appropriate for my family which includes 2 children under 5 years old.  I will advocate for a more even balance of children's activity equipment at our local parks and playgrounds so that the people who are looking for a park for their kids won't have to drive to one of the few age appropriate playgrounds in Clarington.